Porto is full of life with its shops and the beautiful streets where you can go shopping or just stroll, while admiring the architectural lines of the city. Even at night, the city of Porto offers several parties that give soul to downtown, with bars and clubs that introduce you to a new young and musical city. The Taxis Porto guarantee a great service to get to know the Invicta City.

  1. The well-known Avenida dos Aliados is the meeting point and the heart of Porto City. At its top is the Porto City Hall. From here you can get to know the famous train station of São Bento.
  2. Rua de Santa Catarina is as if it were the corridor of a mall but in the open air. It is full of shops and its route is mostly reserved on foot. Even so, the service of the Taxis Porto ensure that you arrive at your favorite destination with punctuality.
  3. The Bolhão Market was built in 1914 and receives daily the population of Porto City and its visitors. You will find florists and many fresh produce like fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. As they are currently doing works of requalification it is not possible to visit until 2020.
  4. Wanting to enjoy the night life of Porto, there are the Paris Galleries that are possibly the most crowded space of the night in Porto for those who want to have fun or meet new people. To spend a quiet night without having to worry about parking your vehicle, you can take advantage of the Taxis Porto services that will take you to the destination you want quickly and safely.
  5. It has the Lello Bookstore which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and has served as inspiration to several writers. Inside, in addition to the books, you will be able to admire a unique atmosphere, where the famous staircase rises to the top floor.
  6. The Clérigos Tower is the ex-libris of the city of Porto. It has already been a lighthouse for ships entering Porto, but today it is perhaps the most visited tourist spot in Porto due to its panoramic view over the city of Porto.
  7. Right next to the Clérigos Tower is the Portuguese Photography Center. It is a building with an important history in the City of Porto, once it has served as Court and Chain of Relation of Porto.
  8. Palácio da Bolsa is one of the city’s buildings with the best architecture. It is located right in the heart of Porto City and therefore, to be more comfortable, you can use the Taxis Porto services.
  9. For those who appreciate religious monuments, the Cathedral of Porto is undoubtedly a monument that portrays the history of Porto well.
  10. The Ribeira is, perhaps, the most emblematic neighborhood and the postcard of the City of Porto. It was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is the place that portrays the so famous history of the wines in Porto and the commercial exchanges of the time, in Portugal.

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